Cognition And OntologieS

CAOS III: September 17-18th, 2018, Cape Town, South Africa

Keynote speakers

Alessandro Oltramari

Alessandro Oltramari is a Research Scientist and Project Lead at the Bosch Research and Technology Center in Pittsburgh (USA), working on hybrid AI systems in the context of Internet of Things. Prior to this position, he was a Research Associate at Carnegie Mellon University (2010-2016), where he specialized in the integration between knowledge based systems and cognitive architectures. His work at CMU - funded by DARPA, NSF, ARL among the others - spanned from machine vision to robot navigation, occasionally arousing interest in the press (CNET, Forbes).

Alessandro received his Ph.D. in Cognitive Science from the University of Trento (Italy), in co-tutorship with the Institute for Cognitive Science and Technology of the Italian National Research Council (ISTC-CNR). His interest in ontologies stems from a decade-long collaboration (2000-2010) with the Laboratory for Applied Ontology (LOA), headed by Nicola Guarino. Alessandro was Visiting Research Associate at Princeton University in 2005 and 2006, where he worked with Christiane Fellbaum and George A. Miller on restructuring the computational lexicon WordNet using formal ontology analysis.

The author of about 70 scientific articles, 10 book chapters, and editor of 3 books, he is member of AAAI, IAOA and regularly serves in the program committee of international conferences like ISWC, ESWC, LREC and ACL.

Alessandro has been living in Pittsburgh since 2010, with his wife Laura and his rescued dog Lady.

Accepted papers

Bart Gaiderowicz, Mark Fox and Michael Gruninger: "Ontology of Social Service Needs: Perspective of a Cognitive Agent"

Antony Galton: "Yet Another Taxonomy of Part-Whole Relations"

Fumiaki Toyoshima: "Modeling Affordances with Dispositions"