CAOS: Cognition And OntologieS is a workshop series devoted to the relationship between cognition and ontologies with the purpose to model, simulate and represent cognitive phenomena for artificial intelligence.

In 2024, CAOS 8 is organised at the 10th edition of the Joint Ontology Workshops (JOWO) held at the 14th International Conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems (FOIS 2024) in Enschede, Netherlands (15-19 July 2024).

With the disruptive advent of AI in everyday life, the notion of embodied cognition and cognitive computing, as well as the connection between symbolic and neuro-symbolic methods and the cognitive sciences is becoming of pivotal importance.
The convergence of knowledge representation, symbolic approaches, and current large language models capabilities portends significant opportunities for advancing our comprehension of cognitive phenomena.

The advancement of artificial intelligence, the understanding of cognitive phenomena can greatly benefit from classic methods in knowledge representations and ontologies.

CAOS aims to bridge the gap between cognitive science and the formal methods by providing a platform for researchers in either domain to discuss and present their work. 

Cognition And OntologieS (CAOS) has been held seven times. First held in Annecy 2016 at JOWO. Second, CAOS was one of the workshops at the AISB convention in 2017, held at the University of Bath, UK. The third and fourth editions of CAOS was once again held at JOWO in Cape Town in 2018, respectively in Graz in 2019. The fifth edition of CAOS was hosted by the Free University of Bolzano, during the Bolzano Summer of Knowledge, in 2021. The sixth edition was held in Jönköping, Sweden, at JOWO22. And the last edition was held in Sherbrooke, Canada, in 2023, co-located with JOWO23.